The Alberta Research Portal

The Alberta Research Portal is your gateway to a world-class collection of primary sources. This outstanding resource provides all Albertans with perpetual access to the Gale Primary Sources database, with 69 unique primary source collections.

Online Reference Centre

Learn Alberta's Online Reference Centre (ORC) licenses a unique collection of digital reference and information resources in both English and French for use in Alberta K-12.  The ORC is a source of vetted online reference resources that support the K-12 curriculum. In addition, all of the ORC resources are accessible anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection.


St. Albert Public Library

SAPL is the place people turn to for reading, viewing, listening, reliable information and the discovery of ideas. The Library's high-quality collections, services and programs foster a love of reading, literacy, the pursuit of lifelong learning and enhance general knowledge. The Library's well-trained staff provide excellent customer service and assist patrons to find, use and evaluate electronic and print information resources to meet their needs.

Research tips

Before you start your search

First take time to think about exactly what you are looking for – be specific.

It may be useful to write out your topic in the form of a sentence or question to help clarify exactly what type of information you need.

Write down all the keywords and phrases that best describe your topic.

Think of synonyms or related terms for each concept or point.


Search tips

Start with simple search terms. Then refine your search by adding more specific words, excluding words, using dates, specific sites, to get the best results.

The order in which you put your words into the search bar matters. The first word will be given the most importance.

Use quotes to search for an exact phrase.  "I have a dream"

Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words. salsa -dancer

Don't use common words (like "a" or "the") or punctuation, or worry about capitalization.

Use OR to return results with either of two terms. cats dogs will look for sites with both terms. cats OR dogs will look for sites with either terms.

Search within a specific site.

Find a word's meaning. define:coincidence

Try using Google's search tools or advanced search