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How to access audio and e-books.

This is the Sora app

You have 2 options to use our e-books. You can download the Sora app to your phone or tablet. Or you can use the website link if you are using a laptop or desktop computer.

You will have to choose our school from the drop down menu. Your login is the first part of your google login (so without everything after the @). So I might be lockeb14.

Once you are in, you can browse what's on the main page, but that is just a fraction of what is available. Try searching by Collection, Subject, or type in your own Search.

Books will have a book icon at the top of the cover, audiobooks will have a headphone icon. If the book is checked out by someone else, the icon will be greyed out. You can still click to put a hold on it.

Once you find a book you want, you can usually choose to download it (so you can read offline), or read it online.

Please kindly return books when you are finished, so the next person does not have to wait.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me, and I will be happy to help you!

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